Slave Girls in Chains

Posted on March 14, 2007


l have always thought there is something magical about slave girls in chains, when the movie’s depict slave girls being brought to their Masters, they wore chains on the wrists or ankles, when being auctioned at the market a string of slave girls stood chained together, being released when their turn comes for the auction block and the bidding commenced.

The rattle of chain links, the draping of the chain against the soft slave skin, the restriction in movement of the slave, nothing quite says slave more than a restraints and chains, nothing that is until the moment the slave is permanently and irreversibly branded by their Master as their property.

I like keeping my slave girl in a slave state, making her feel her slavery constantly, making her self-aware that she is a slave, making her do so in Public. I have various leather collars l have used in the past, wide slave posture collars, smaller leather studded collars, but for kitten l wanted something permanent, something that would never be removed, something she would have no way of hiding in public. I selected a steel collar on the Gorean style, not that l’m into the Gorean lifestyle (having read the entire Gor series). It’s stainless steel, it is 2 pieces that fit together and is held around her neck by tiny Allan screws embedded into the collar, with her o-ring on the collar so she can be leashed by her neck.

I like placing my finger in the o-ring fitting and holding her head tilted up when she kneels or to pull her closer to me and attaching her leash to it and allowing it to drape down along her breasts. The collar is practical, the collar is functional, it never has to come off to allow her to bathe, swim, dress, go to University or shopping, its there, its permanent.

I’m sure kitten would prefer a leather collar sometimes, not that she can object to her collar or demand its removal, kitten likes wearing silver jewellery , she has large collection, l think she would like the collar removed on occasions so she can wear some necklaces instead, but that would defeat my intent that she remain in a permanent slave state.

l had her tattooed on her right flank, its the Japanese character for slave, its very decorative and pleasing to the eye, again it was placed on her by me to remind her permanently she is a slave and l own her, she sees her slave brand everyday when she washes , dresses and undresses, she knows it there, she knows what it means, whilst she chose the design of the font of the characters herself, it’s my brand mark.

When kitten and l were talking over the internet and in the later weeks after she had agreed to become my slave but before she arrived, we discussed at length the need for a slave to be kept as such 24/7, otherwise the value of the slave would be that of role play in the bedroom. Whilst l don’t minutely control kitten, she is permanently reminded she is a slave, required to serve and please. You can achieve much by simply underscoring into everything you do as individuals and couples the status of the individuals in the relationship. kitten is treated as a slave at all times, in that she is required to ask permission to eat or drink anything other than water in the house and she is never allowed alcohol when out socially with others unless she has had my permission to do so.

For example l don’t call kitten by any name at all, l don’t use her birth name except when talking to others about her nor do l call her kitten,  she is a slave, she is my property, she is a object of use and pleasure, l merely talk to her directly, call out “hey” or “come here” or “bring me a coffee”, kitten knows l’m talking to my slave, the nameless property l own and use and responds.

Whilst the requirement to run and maintain a house, go to work, places in similar situations and decisions as any vanilla couple, we use those situations and decisions to reinforce our relationship status as Master and slave.

Slave girl chains can be heavy physical ones, they can be mental ones, they can be the chains of our rituals and routines, but a slave girl wears them for her Master’s pleasure and she wears them with pride, l love slave girls in chains, don’t you ?


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