Halloween Party

Posted on November 2, 2015


Took Subtle to a Halloween Party on Saturday night, the party started at 8pm as usual despite our best intentions we didn’t arrive until 9.30pm, the drive from our place is about 40 minutes and Subtle started getting ready to go around 6pm, where did the time go.

The Halloween Party dress code was costume all basic black, Subtle went with bat ears and face mask wand, a black lace top, black leather mini skirt and spider web stiletto heels, she was wearing her heavy steel slave collar and steel wrist cuffs with o rings, as always l thought she was the sexiest and prettiest woman at the party.

The party was well attended and people were in a variety outfits few witches and wizards, pirates, animal outfits for some pet boys, zombies were also popular, the venue was very well decorated and themed, once again the hosts had gone all out in terms of presentation.

i had Subtle strip and bend over a massage table which is used for needle play, she finds it easier and more comfortable than  standing on a St Andrews Cross, l find it gives better access to her bum and back when administering strokes.

I used a suede flogger, a nylon rope flogger. a leather flexible paddle (my favourite toy paddle for many years)  and cane of Subtle choosing. Subtle as usual never uttered a sound during her beating, many people in similar situations scream, yelp, wriggle and cry, Subtle absorbs it and internalize it, she amazes me overtime she does it. However it does take some getting used to getting no feed back from the recipient of the beating but l watch her feet l notice she lifts her foot whenever she receives something extremely painful and her breathing and of course l talk to her during the beating and listen to the tone of her responses for clues as to how she is dealing with the beating.

When l first took ownership of Subtle in 2006 l used to count my strokes and stop around 25, but Subtle told me that she was my slave and l could do whatever l wanted and l no longer had to count or stop at some arbitrary limit. I’ve taken that to heart and now l just enjoy myself and stop whenever l think it’s appropriate to do so. We have been in play session and people have approached the table and asked Subtle if she is okay or want me to stop, besides being rude it interrupts Subtle concentration and enjoyment and she tells them to step away from the table and not to interrupt her.

After the beating l attached a leash to Subtle cunt ring piercings and walked her about the party for awhile so people could admire her bottom and to emphasis to Subtle she was a slave and could be displayed in public naked and as animal on a leash where everyone else at the party were fully dressed. I removed the leash and had Subtle get dressed again, for some reason she didn’t choose to sit down on her bottom again at the party.

Her beating has given her some nice bruising and she spent today sitting down on some cushions, luckily at work she has a standing desk which she prefers to work from rather than sitting down at a desk, so she won’t need to explain having a cushion at work.